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Single Parent and Blended Family Camp

July 30 - August 5, 2017


All single parents, whether by divorce or death or single from the start, find themselves in a unique and somewhat trying situation.  Single Parent & Blended Family Camp offers a week away from that day to day struggle and brings an
Christ-centered experience for the parent and child(ren) to unwind, to nurture their changed relationship and to connect with families in similar circumstances.

Planned morning activities for all ages groups give way to
the relaxing afternoons filled with many interesting
adventures to choose from, followed up with evenings of games, sports, bonfires and family time.


We welcome all family styles, whether you have always been a single parent, a now blended family, an empty nester single parent or a single parent by divorce or death.  Each family has something to learn and something to teach so please come join us and experience God's love for us all!


If you have questions about camp, contact


Pina Buonomo at 585-953-9997 or
Email: pina@camphopeny.org




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